Air bike workouts are popping up everywhere this year. As a spin class exercise, air bike workouts allow you to get a cardio workout in under the time limit of a normal class. But once you try one, it is easy to see why they are so popular. Using a stationary bike with a fan, you can get a total-body workout that focuses on your core and upper body. Plus, it’s fun to do, and you don’t have to break a sweat (which is a rarity in this industry).

If you’re already doing your fitness routine on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike, of course, then you may want to cut down on your workout time and get a little crazy.

If you’ve got limited time to work out but you want to see results and get your heart pumping, then an air bike workout is the way to go. If you’ve been thinking about trying out this workout but have been worried about whether or not you have the time to do it, then you don’t need to worry anymore. With a little bit of research and planning, you can get in a full-body workout in under 30 minutes!

There’s nothing quite like an air bike when it comes to exercise devices. It’s a combination of upper and lower body workouts that’s 100 percent tough. Mat Fraser, a five-time CrossFit Games winner, referred to it as “selling his soul” every morning in his farewell statement.

It’s good enough for the CrossFit GOAT, so it’ll do for us!

Air bikes are a total-body exercise that helps you burn calories. They’re virtually in a league of their own if you want to improve your conditioning or lose weight quickly. 

Unlike rowers and ski-erg, where technique can deteriorate as a result of tiredness, the quality of your movement does not change during an air bike session, making it a perfect choice for those workouts that require you to go to a dark place within yourself to complete.

It’s also a great high-intensity workout for folks who are overweight–unlike the treadmill (which has a high risk of joint injury for heavy persons) or the rower (which has a compromised range of movement for heavier users).

The Air Bike can be used for a variety of activities. In fact, for my larger clients (as modeled by my fantastic client, Rick – with his permission, of course), it’s my go-to cardio option.

Air Bike Workouts Under 29 Minutes (That Will Crush You)

We’ll show you a couple different Air Bike routines in this article that will improve your fitness and conditioning in less than 29 minutes each. That’s right–regardless of your starting place, it takes less than half an hour to alter your conditioning and get so much more out of your Air Bike. ** If you’re looking for my top air bike suggestions, take a look at my in-depth purchase advice here.

Making the Most of Your Air Bike

You must play to the Air Bike’s strengths in order to get the most out of it. It isn’t a bike in the purest meaning of the word, so if you want to spend a long time on the bike to burn some calories, I recommend getting a real bike and getting outside.

There are pedals and a saddle, so it’s like riding a bike. That’s where the similarities end and the differences begin.

Treat the Air Bike as if it were a full-fledged powerhouse. Power, speed, and calorie burn should all be factors in your goals. 

You can see all of your statistics on the on-board computer, so you know exactly what you need to hit. You shouldn’t expect to do it in a couple of hours.

Air Bike Workouts Under 29 Minutes (That Will Crush You)

Maintain the intensity of your Air Bike workouts while keeping them brief (all of the programs in this article are under 29 minutes).

5 Workouts on an Air Bike That Will Destroy You (In The Best Way)

Each of the workouts listed below are ones I’ve done with clients on my Air Bikes at my own gym. I’ve also done them, so they’re tried and true. 

There are five of them here, each with its own set of goals and consequences. Intensities, power outputs, labor intervals, and calorie targets are all mixed in. They’re meant to spark fresh ideas, push you to try new things, and help you get more out of your Air Bike. It’s far more than a warm-up machine or something to use for 10 minutes straight at the end of a workout.

Feel free to change up any of the workouts here–where I’ve recommended a time, calorie, or Watt objective, adjust it to your fitness level. It’s up to you to make any necessary adjustments if these are too difficult, too easy, or just right.

These workouts may be done on any bike, including the Rogue Echo, Schwinn AirDyne, Assault Bike, and others, so don’t worry about which bike you have. The only time you’ll have trouble is if you’re using the Concept 2 Bike Erg and doing the ‘Upper/Lower Repeats’ workout, because it doesn’t have moving arms.

Without further ado, here are 5 Air Bike workouts that will destroy you in under 29 minutes!

  1. Watt Marker 30-20-10

Air Bike Workouts Under 29 Minutes (That Will Crush You)

Hoyles, Steve

Steve is a gym owner, a personal trainer, and a weightlifting coach. For more than a decade, he has been writing about fitness. His girlfriend Rachel and their two sons reside with him.

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Air Bike Workouts Under 29 Minutes (That Will Crush You)

Air Bike Workouts Under 29 Minutes (That Will Crush You)

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts online about the Air Bike (aka Air Cushion Bike or Air Machine), but none of them have really taught me anything about how the machine works, and what it can really do. So here’s a brief tutorial on how the Air Bike works, so you too can get the most out of this incredible machine! The Air Bike is a unique piece of equipment that combines the power of a bike with the stability and workout of a treadmill—without having to be in the gym!. Read more about assault bike workouts for fat burn and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lose weight with an air bike?

Yes, you can lose weight with an air bike.

How long should I air bike for exercise?

The average time for a person to cycle is about 30 minutes, but this can vary depending on the intensity of the workout.

How long should you air bike?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on how long you want your air bike to last and what type of riding you are doing. For example, if you are riding in the park, it will last for about 3 minutes before the battery dies. If you are riding on a track, it may last up to 10 minutes.

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