The phrase “body positive” is a buzzword that is used in the fitness community to describe those who are happy with the way their bodies look. Although the word “positive” is used because we want to be happy with the way our bodies look, it is important to understand that body positivity doesn’t guarantee that you will be healthy. You can have body positivity, and still be unhappy with your body, and still be unhealthy.

Body image is a very sensitive subject, and it can be a challenge for many people to not only achieve a healthy weight, but also feel good about how they look. This isn’t always the easiest thing to go through, especially if you’re a person who loves to work out, loves to eat clean, and loves to feel your best.

For the past several years, I’ve felt I was in a rut–failing to reach my fitness goals and never reaching my weight loss goals. I am working out as much as I can, and it’s not enough. I find myself in a constant cycle of working out more, but not losing weight, while I am also eating less, but not losing weight. I talk to some of the health experts, and they tell me to do the opposite of what I am doing. But I don’t understand. How do you do the opposite of what you’ve been doing for the past year or so?. Read more about body positivity post ideas and let us know what you think.

It’s a two-way street when it comes to a healthy relationship with food and our bodies. It’s not about being extremely self-confident. Alternatively, we can berate ourselves for our physique and eating choices.

It’s about seizing important food opportunities without succumbing to food anxiety.

You should be able to eat birthday cake without having a nervous breakdown. Also, if you’re not in the mood to eat your prepared dinner, be okay with getting takeout.

It’s also being at ease with making decisions depending on your objectives. Without feeling ashamed, guilty, or stressed, you should be able to confidently diet, manage calories, intermittent fast, and refuse treats or food gifts.

It’s being confident and at ease with our dietary choices, as well as being open and honest about our objectives and feelings about our bodies. 

Body positive and inner fitness junkie: Our thinking has become too black and white.

How to balance being body positive with your inner fitness junkie

On one one, you have the proponents of body positivity, who believe that you should love your body regardless of its size. 

Which I understand and agree with, but not at the cost of lying to yourself. It’s fine if you want to reduce weight because you’re unhappy with your appearance; it doesn’t mean you despise yourself. 

Simultaneously, we are inundated with advertising and Instagram models offering us abs and asses. You don’t have to feel awful if you don’t have or want to have a body like that.

We want to be smack dab in the heart of everything. The “Zedd Zone” is a fictional world created by Zedd.

Step out of the middle when you need a bit extra self-love and body positivity.

Step out of the middle for a few minutes when you need a bit more inner fitness junkie. 

A healthy connection with food and our bodies entails a lot of factors. It may also be a place that some of us will never visit, which is fine.

PS: Is this your first visit? You should begin by reading my digital garden.


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I’m a proud member of the fitness and body positivity community, but there are times when I feel it is more important to be a sporty girl with a lean and athletic figure than a curvy girl with a nice booty and thighs. When I’m being an active, sweat-inducing, positive person, I don’t think about my weight. I think about how much I’m enjoying my body, how it can move faster and farther, and how I’m living life to the fullest. But when I’m at the gym, I sometimes feel like I’m being judged, and told that it’s not okay to want to be a fit and athletic person, and that I’m being too body positive. How can you be both?. Read more about positive body image activities pdf and let us know what you think.

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