When it comes to building a home gym, you can typically do it on two different levels: you can build it from scratch, or you can go with something that already existed. If you’ve ever tried to edit photos on a computer, you know that throwing images into a program can bring about a whole different experience as compared to just looking at an image. That is exactly what happens when you edit a home gym setup image too!

While you’re working out at a gym, you’re in a controlled environment, with the aid of trainers, equipment, and other gym goers. In other words, you’re missing out on the fun, as well as the fact that you can make your own gym, without leaving your home. While it may not be completely free of rules, restrictions, and others, you can create your own private gym and make your own rules.

One of the most common questions asked by would-be gym-goers is what to put in their home gym, and how to set it up.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your current or future home gym, you’ve come to the right place.

With all the equipment available, creating the perfect home gym seems like an impossible task, but after reading this article, it’s not.

Below I’ve listed 11 creative home gym ideas for different spaces and budgets to give you ideas and inspiration for your home gym.

I will focus on the individual aspects of each gym that you need to consider. These details often determine the success or failure of your home gym.

Perhaps you have already given up on your dream of a home gym. But before you give up on Planet Fitness, take the time to read this article to learn how to get creative and build a home gym without a lot of space, money, or both!

Why you should trust me

I feel the need to talk about my credibility because, as you probably know, there is a lot of terrible, hastily created content on the internet by people who are not qualified to provide that content.

I’ve been running a gym for over a decade. To equip my gym with the best equipment, I spent hundreds of hours researching different types of fitness equipment and gear, and while I’m not an expert in many things in life, fitness equipment is one of them.

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

To save you time and effort, I’ve included a list of equipment recommendations at the end of each workout outline, in case you want to recreate the workout in your garage or bedroom.

All my recommendations are well thought out and are devices I would use myself. If I didn’t put it in my gym, I wouldn’t recommend it to you either.

Installing home fitness equipment that meets your exercise goals

The gym should reflect your training goals.

Focusing on the essentials will save you time and money and help you make better decisions about your equipment.

We’ve already written an article on general tips for a home gym, but the article you’re about to read is more about how to get creative when space or budget is limited (or both).

If you want to build a premier CrossFit gym in your home, but you only have $500 and 30 square feet of space, think again.

Consider every point I make here, think about your usage, your budget and your space. Once you know how much you have to spend, check out the deals. You can even combine a few ideas to create the perfect gym for your needs!

Home Training Area 1: Easy set-up of the exercise bike

Who is it for? People who are only interested in strength training

Required budget : $1500

Area required: 100 square metres.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, squat rack, weight plates and dumbbell bench.

This unit is ideal for anyone who wants to perform a simple strength training session without needing anything else.

It couldn’t be simpler: a bar, a bench and a rack are all you need, and it’s something you can challenge your fitness with for years to come.

It will cost you about $1500 to put one together – not the cheapest thing in the world, but it is very affordable, and it will pay for itself in gym memberships in less than 5 years.

As for space, a 10 x 10′ space will suffice, but everything else is a bonus.

If you’re serious about your workouts, you need to invest in reliable equipment, so don’t opt for the cheap stuff. It should be simple and compact, but reliable, and this is reflected in my hardware suggestions.

The choice of plates depends on your training style. I like the bumpers because they are versatile and have soft padding, which makes them less likely to damage my floor.

If you want a more detailed guide to choosing plates, I’ve written a guide to the best bumper plates for your home gym here that will tell you more than you probably need to know:

My recommendations for fitness equipment to mimic this home gym

Closing thoughts: If you’re looking for a simple setup that will give you everything you need for a good workout and won’t empty your pockets, this is the unit I recommend. The idea is to keep things simple and efficient, so no money is wasted on unnecessary things. There is no reason to go above $1500 here.

Home Gym Facility #2: Small home gym

Who is it for? People with limited space who want to train like in a gym.

Required budget : $1600

Area required: 70 square feet.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, squat racks, plates and weights.

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

When space is limited, you have to be creative, and that’s what you have to do in this case: optimize the space by getting rid of everything that’s not essential.

With a simple wall rack for squats, a bench, a set of dumbbells and some slide boards, this gym has everything you need for a great workout.

With this setup, you can do just about any basic exercise you can think of: Bench press, pull-ups, squats, split squats, dumbbell curls, shoulder press and more.

A wall-mounted squat rack is perfect for this setup: it can be used for both bench presses and squats, and when you’re done, it’s easy to move, which is great for maximizing space.

Which panels are needed here depends on the floor covering and the type of lift. If you have a hard floor (like a concrete garage), I highly recommend purchasing shock absorbers. If you have wooden floors in your home, opt for cast iron because you won’t be demolishing them anyway.

To complete the above setup, add a bench and dumbbells and you’re done. If you can afford a solid set of dumbbells, I think it will really change the home gym, but if you’re low on cash, I think you can go without dumbbells to save a little money.

Without the dumbbells, this setup can be put together for about $1,400 and the space required is minimal. For the dumbbells, you will have to spend around $2,000 to $3,500 depending on the weight of the set of dumbbells.

Supplemental Addendum: While the above setup does not include kettlebells, I am a big fan of the sport of kettlebells. Because they take up so little space, are affordable, and make your workout very versatile, I like the idea of adding weights to this setup.
Read more: If you want to learn more about adjustable weights, check out my guide here.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: This machine is ideal for those looking for a compact but effective workout in a limited space. It’s not the cheapest installation, but if I had limited space, I would choose this one.

Home Gym Facility #3: Inappropriate equipment for home exercise

Who is it for? People who want to vary their workouts without breaking the bank.

Required budget : About $345.

Area required: 100 square metres.

Equipment: gym bag, elastic bands, high bar, whipping balls, skipping rope

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

If you don’t have a lot of money or if you just love a good strength training session, this gym is perfect for you.

What I like about this device is that it takes up little space, is very affordable, and offers a great workout.

You won’t become Arnold Schwarzeneggar with this program (since the number of exercises you can do is limited), but you can become 100% fit and have fun doing it.

To make this gym possible, start with TRX, resistance bands, jump ropes, rings and a pull-up bar.

Personally, I love slam balls and think they are a great addition to this type of workout, so I added them to the mix. If you want to improve your cardiovascular system, a 10-20 pound sling ball is ideal. If, like me, you want to increase your strength, I’d go for the 30-40 pounds.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: In terms of variety and overall value, you’ll be hard pressed to beat this setup. It doesn’t take up much space and offers various training options, all at a very affordable price. This workout includes resistance bands, a jump rope, pull-up bar, spanking balls, and a TRX trainer, all for under $400, which is fantastic for such a variety of exercises.

Home Gym Facility #4: Construction of a gymnasium for rhythmic gymnastics

Who is it for? People who like strength training

Required budget : Over $400.

Area required: 150 square metres.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, rings, belts, oblique bench, plyo box, paralettes, bodybuilding vest.

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

I love calisthenics. It’s an incredible way to exercise, challenge your body, and do things you never thought possible (like the human flag).

It is ideal for weight lifters, gymnasts, martial artists and anyone who wants to make their training more functional.

And as for the gymnasium, it’s very cheap, relatively speaking!

By saving money on dumbbells, plates, kettlebells and other traditional equipment, you can spend more money on a variety of workout options. You can build in multifunctional features without compromising the quality of your workout or even taking up too much space.

This gym includes:

  1. Pull-up extension with Olympic Gymnastics rings
  2. Belly roller
  3. Dipsticks
  4. Wooden balustrades
  5. 3 in 1 Wooden Plyo Boxes
  6. Weighted vest
  7. Skipping rope

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

Calisthenics can be really impressive and in many ways they are the perfect home workout because they are easy to do.

And don’t think these workouts will be easy or fail – some of the best rhythmic gymnastics athletes are some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen.

With this setup, you can do pull-ups, squats, push-up variations, plyometric exercises, various abdominal exercises – and, who knows, at some point advanced exercises like the flag.

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

For a good starter kit, you should spend about $400. You can always top it up, but even at that price, you have a great gym trainer.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: There is no better home training device than the Calisthenic. It takes up little space, is the most affordable option in fitness equipment and offers an exceptional workout.

Home Gym Facility #5: Minimalist home gymnastics

Who is it for? People who are only interested in lifting

Required budget : About $1,500.

Area required: 150 square metres.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, squat rack, plates, kettlebell and bench.

If you want your workouts to be less clubby and spartan, you’ll have to go old school.

No frills needed here, just a sturdy rack, dumbbell, bench and plates. If you want variety, add a heavyweight. This is the perfect gym for those who want to build a home gym for powerlifting without overloading themselves with equipment.

When it comes to minimalist home fitness equipment, the idea is to choose quality and variety over quantity. If you buy the right rack, you can use it for all squats, presses, and much of the pulling movements.

Buying a multi-purpose dumbbell, a sturdy bench, a small rack, a set of plates and weights will give you a wide variety of training options and keep costs down. You can even expand it later with dumbbells, a suspension machine or maybe an EZ barbell, but that’s not important in the beginning.

You probably won’t be doing Olympic weightlifting or CrossFit here, so you can save money by buying iron plates instead of shock absorbers.

Quality over quantity, you’ll only pay about $1300 for an exercise bike that does everything you need.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: Minimalism does not mean buying inferior equipment – I strongly recommend choosing equipment that can withstand heavy use. That’s what this installation does, which means your devices will never let you down.

Home Gym Facility #6: Strength rack for exercise bike

Who is it for? Weightlifters and powerlifters who take their training very seriously.

Required budget : About $2,500 to $3,000.

Area required: 150 square metres.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, squat rack, plates, kettlebell and bench.

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

If you are a powerlifter or serious bodybuilder, this is the setup you need.

I’m going to make some assumptions here:

  1. You want a great power rack, so you’re happy to spend the money. After all, this is the heart of the gym.
  2. You need versatility to do side jobs.

I pointed this out at the beginning, because there are thousands of carriers, but some of them do not meet the required standards. The market is flooded with cheap equipment and, frankly, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I recommended a lot of it.

If you’re serious about weightlifting (and this type of gym assumes you are), don’t buy cheap shoes, buy quality ones.

This setup includes a barbell rack, a pair of dumbbells and a good set of weight plates, whether it’s powerlifting, weightlifting or a mix of both. I prefer colored plates in these situations (serious strength training often leads to competition, so it’s best to train with competition plates), but choose them based on the sport.

You don’t need a huge space here, but if you want to do Olympic weightlifting, you need a good amount of clear space around the bar and ceiling, so this type of gym needs about 150 square feet of space (about 15’x10′).

It is only suitable for ground floor rooms with a solid concrete floor. You can’t put a fitness machine like this on top of a wooden floor, unless you want the bar to go through the floor and fall into the kitchen!

While this gym isn’t cheap, it is high quality and offers an incredible variety of workout options. While I wouldn’t recommend this device for the average fitness enthusiast, I think it’s an excellent choice for serious athletes.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: It is an ideal facility for those who want to train well. The equipment I recommend here is excellent, so it’s not cheap, but it will stand up to anything you can throw at it!

Home Gym Facility #6: Installation of a home gym for Crossfit

Who is it for? Crossfitters who prefer to train at home

Required budget : About $2,000.

Area required: 500 square metres.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, squat racks, plates, kettlebells and cardio equipment.

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

How to set up a CrossFit gym? It is by nature a preparation for the unknown and the unknowable!

Just focus on what you know is important: the right barbell, good bumper plates, cardio options and versatile accessories.

With a CrossFit gym, you really can do anything, so you need to make the most of your space and budget. The suggestions made here are for a basic, minimal installation that will cost you $2000. This would be a great start to a CrossFit home gym and would give you an endless variety of workouts.

If you have different strength options, cardio options, and training tools to vary, such as. B. a fitness bag, a pull-up bar, a box or two of plyos, then you’re sure to be ready to go. You should be confident that you can handle most of the fitness challenges that CrossFit can offer you!

You should definitely have impact plates and choose a dumbbell designed for weightlifting or CrossFit (Rogue is the place to be).

As for cardio exercises, a rowing machine or an electric bike are standard, and both are excellent options. If you’re on a budget, skip the cardio options and do outdoor sprints!

Read more: If you want to learn more about home cardio options, check out my list of the best airbikes.

A CrossFit gym requires a solid floor. Therefore, build a CrossFit hall only on a concrete floor, with a floor protector on top to prevent damage to the bumper plates. Read more: Check out the article I wrote on the best crossfit workout equipment ideas for your home gym.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: The great thing about CrossFit gyms is that they allow you to do a little bit of everything, and this setup (the 5 elements suggested above) gives you variety and creativity to stay fit and train without getting bored.

Home Gym Facility #7: Installation of a gymnasium in a shipping container

Who is it for? People who want a home gym but don’t have a garage.

Required budget : About $1,300.

Area required: 100 square metres.

The equipment you need: barbells, folding squat rack, weight plates, weights and dumbbells

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of shipping containers in general, because they turn what could have been garbage into a fantastic home, or in this case, a gym.

The cargo containers are large gymnasiums. They are ideal for those who have little indoor space but a lot of outdoor space. Another advantage is the weather resistance: Wind, rain, sun and snow cannot damage this simulator.

Unlike other gyms, you’re not as limited in space (although you don’t have much, so we can’t take advantage of it).

For starters, this gym has everything you need: a weight bench, weight plates and dumbbells.

For squats and bench presses, I recommend squat racks – they’re easy to move around and provide everything you need for squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, a stackable wall shelf does the same thing while taking up less space – but it will cost you a little more.

What I like about this gym is the extra variety, like the bosu ball (the blue half ball in the upper left corner), pull-ups, and the plyo box.

This provides a lot of variety and allows you to hit muscles and do exercises that are not possible in most gyms.

If it were up to me, I would probably avoid online training courses because they are approaching $3000 and I don’t think they are necessary, but if you can afford them, they would be a great addition to your training program.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: If you have a cargo box and some space and are thinking about how to create your ideal gym, this trainer is perfect. It has everything you could possibly need in a home gym – a squat rack, weight plates, barbells, and a plyobox, all for under $1500.

Home Gym Facility #8: Room gym installation

Who is it for? Teenagers or students who only have one room at their disposal

Required budget : About $1,100.

Area required: 70 square feet.

The equipment you will need: barbell, squat rack, iron plates

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

With limited space, installing a gym in a bedroom can be a real challenge.

As you can see in the image above, this setup is simple – and so it should be.

I think that’s a positive thing. Here’s why.

You will laugh at me, but I like it when the options are limited, because then you have fewer choices to make and you can make the most of the ones you have.

With this setup, all you need is a bench with adjustable weights, a squat rack and some plates. There is no room for anything else, and frankly, nothing else is needed.

No point in buying bumper plates if you can’t install them. As for the bars, you don’t need to buy anything special, as you won’t be breaking any new world records here.

These two downgrades will save you money.

This is one of the most affordable installations on our list and will cost you just over $1,000.

And how many people can get up in the morning and literally walk 2 feet to exercise?

What kind of training can you expect here?

You will be able to perform most compound exercises – squats, bench press, rows, lunges, RDLs, twists, shoulder presses and more.

Depending on your strength, you’ll probably settle for lighter weights and higher reps, which will allow you to do great workouts and make solid gains.

There is one addition that I think could make this installation even better, but it is not included in the image above.

And that’s the TRX.

I think the addition of the TRX would make for a fantastic change, take up little space, and fit well.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: If you want to build the world’s largest gym in your room, feel free to do so. This method is simple, effective and will not empty your pockets. If I were building a home gym for a room, I would build a unit exactly like this.

Home Gym Facility #9: Tooling shed

Who is it for? People who want a home gym, but don’t have much space available.

Required budget : About $2,000.

Area required: 150 square metres.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, squat racks, iron plates, exercise bikes.

A home gym has the same limitations as a gym in a room: You will not be able to throw large weights on the wooden floor. To preserve the integrity of the barn floor, it is best to choose lighter equipment and avoid heavy brackets and fixtures to make installation easier.

There are only 5 pieces of equipment in this setup – a wall squat rack, bench, plates, bands and a bike.

I love the wall mounted squat racks – they give a good workout and take up little space.

The cardio option is good here too.

The canopy is the ideal place for a bike, as it doesn’t take up much room and is lighter than a heavy set of boards.

I recommend you protect the floor so you can add variety to your workouts, for example. B. by doing pull-ups.

If you want to learn more about flooring options, check out my article on flooring ideas for your gym.

Finally, buying high quality ribbons can be a great way to add some variety, for example. B. Walking with a band, biceps extensions or shoulder pulls.

This configuration is simple, versatile and does not require much storage space. For about $1,800, you can build a very nice gym that will help you improve your fitness.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: A gym in a barn is the best solution for a home gym. It’s not a place for weightlifting or powerlifting, but you can really work out in the shed if you know what you’re buying.

Home Gym Facility #10: Garden House Trainer

Who is it for? Crossfitters and anyone who wants to take their calisthenics to the next level.

Required budget : About $3,000.

Required area : At least 200 square meters.

The equipment you need: Dumbbells, open rack, plates, rope, rings

If you’re lucky enough to have the time to build a garden, I envy you, because this setup is just lovely!

When using equipment outdoors, it is important to protect it from the elements. While you probably have room to store your accessories (dumbbells, weights, etc.), you should make sure your setup is suitable for outdoor use.

If you follow the tips listed here, you’ll have the perfect outdoor facility for crossfitters, gymnasts and functional fitness types. Remember that an outdoor gym is specialized equipment, so try not to settle for cheaper equipment.

If you follow the tips given here, I will show you how easy it is to recreate the CrossFitters gym mentioned above. And to be clear: An outdoor gym is a specialized facility, so don’t try to save money with cheaper facilities – trust me, you’ll regret it later.

The biggest advantage of this installation is the infinite vertical space, so we want to make it as big as possible, especially in height. The extra height available in an outdoor gym should not be wasted, as most home fitness equipment does not have this option indoors.

Add ropes, rings, rods and plates and you have an incredible setup that costs about $3,000.

Although it is expensive, I can’t imagine a more incredible and unique home appliance than this one.

One last thing about outdoor gyms, and I think this is an important point.

Objects can be stolen or worn out by outside influences. Back covers can splinter, and you don’t want them to rust because they’ve been exposed to the elements.

Therefore, this installation will likely require a lockable container to protect the plates and bars from theft and keep them dry.

My recommendations for fitness equipment to replicate this home gym

Closing thoughts: An outdoor gym is an opportunity to build a home gym with unlimited vertical space, so take the opportunity to install ropes and rings. Use it to climb, use it to challenge yourself and use it to take your fitness to the next level. There is no better workout than training outside in the sun. So if you are lucky enough to live in a sunny area and have the space and budget, this is the gym of your dreams.

Summarized Home gymnastics – it’s still possible

The purpose of this article is to show you that it is still possible to have some form of home gym; whether you live in a dorm room or a large mansion, there is always a way.

Use some of these ideas, and maybe even combine a few to create a home gym that suits you and your needs. There’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to home fitness – even small spaces and small budgets can go a long way if you follow these ideas!

Comment on this post with your photos – we’d love to see what you have!

11 Best (& Creative) Home Gym Setups To Blow Your Mind

Steve Hoyles

Steve is a personal trainer, weightlifting coach and gym owner. He has been writing about fitness for over a decade. He lives with his girlfriend Rachel and her two sons.

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