Cryotherapy is used to treat a plethora of medical issues including muscle injuries, nerve damage, and even localized cancers in some cases. The benefits of practicing it are many – most of your favorite athletes use it to stay strong and healthy.

Some people claim that it helps with muscle growth as well – but is that really true? If so, what’s the science behind it?

Here, we’ll answer both of these questions in detail, so if you’re interested in learning more about cryotherapy, keep on reading!

Cryotherapy reduces inflammation

Does Cryotherapy Affect Muscle Growth?

If you’ve been trying to grow your muscles, all of that rigorous exercise probably causes you to feel tired and sore. Muscle inflammation can be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient, especially when you want to continue your training.

Coldwater has been proven to help reduce inflammation and swelling, which allows you to get back to the gym much faster. So, while it doesn’t directly grow your muscles, it allows you to do it quickly and painlessly.

Now, of course, if you’re completely new to cryotherapy, keep in mind that it can feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning. Once you’re done, though, your pain will go away and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge of your muscle-growing journey.

Helps your cells regenerate

Does Cryotherapy Affect Muscle Growth?

Cold temperatures promote better blood circulation, which allows your cells to regenerate more quickly. What this means is that cryotherapy can aid muscle growth – you’ll feel stronger and more refreshed during exercise.

Naturally, you have to make sure you find a reliable medical center before you start your first cryotherapy session. This especially goes for newbies – medical supervision and care should always be within your reach.

So, yes, make sure you do your research on the clinic before you book your first cryotherapy appointment. It’s the only way you can ensure you’re getting the results you need.

Increases your flexibility

Does Cryotherapy Affect Muscle Growth?

If your goal, besides muscle growth, is to become more flexible, cryotherapy might be perfect for you. Now, increasing your flexibility doesn’t only make you feel better and improves your physique, but it also helps you do more complex muscle-growing exercises. These two are deeply correlated – every professional bodybuilder can testify to that.

Again, many studies show that ice baths and cryotherapy have a positive impact on people’s flexibility training (and therefore on muscle growth as well). It’s why many athletes around the world choose to undergo it regularly.

The bottom line

All in all, cryotherapy can be extremely beneficial to your body, especially when your muscles are concerned. It helps reduce inflammation and soreness, accelerates healing, and improves muscle flexibility. It also helps you prevent injuries that could interfere with your training.

All of this is incredibly important for growing your muscles in a healthy way, which is why we recommend you to try it for yourself.

Either way, we hope our article answered some of your questions about cryotherapy and we wish you the best of luck on the muscle-growing journey ahead of you.

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