It’s been a while since I last posted about triceps, or supersets for that matter. However, if you have been following me for a long time, you know that supersets are my favorite type of routine. Supersets are a great way to work your muscles hard and fast without burning out and risking injury. Supersets are a favorite of many, many professional athletes because they are so effective. They can dramatically increase muscle growth and strength in a short period of time.

Supersets can take you far in the gym. With a well-designed combination of exercises, supersets can be used to quickly increase your calorie burn and fuel muscle growth. And while the sets and reps of a superset may change, the goal is still the same: to get the same result using less time.

There are many tricep exercises you can do to make them grow stronger and bigger. But for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to use a superset routine that is simple to learn, and will usually involve only two exercises. The first movement will be repeated three times, while the second movement will be held on each side for one minute.. Read more about bicep tricep superset for mass and let us know what you think.

The Best Tricep Superset Routines For Mass!

One of the most effective hypertrophy training strategies ever devised is supersets. A superset is a training method in which you do two exercises in a row with a ten-second rest in between.

One of the finest methods to employ supersets, in my opinion, is to perform two exercises for the same muscle group in a row. You may, for example, do two different types of triceps movements in a succession with a 10-second rest in between.

John Meadows demonstrates how to combine rope cable pushdowns and rope overhead triceps extensions in this video. Take a look:


What an engrossing performance!

Supersets are particularly successful because they double the amount of time your set is under tension. Consider this: if a standard set takes you around 20 seconds to finish, a superset will take you around 40 seconds! This additional time under tension makes your muscles work much harder than usual, which promotes muscular development.

I’m going to teach you 8 of the most successful tricep superset exercises ever in this complete tutorial. World-class instructors like John Meadows and Charles Poliquin created several of these exercises to assist you gain muscle growth as quickly as possible. To begin, let’s look at some basic triceps activities.

Supersetting a complex exercise with an isolated exercise is one of the greatest strategies to build a triceps workout. For example, you may do a set of close grip bench presses, then a set of overhead triceps extensions after a 10-second break.

Because you’re performing movements that overload different areas of the triceps, this type of superset is known as a “origin-insertion superset.” The isolation exercise overloads the triceps at the elbow joint, whereas the compound exercise overloads the triceps at the shoulder joint. The key line is that origin-insertion supersets are fantastic for bulking up your triceps!

Here’s an example of a workout routine:

Routine #1: Triceps Origin-Insertion Superset

  • 5 × 6-8, 4/0/1/0, 10 seconds rest, A1: Bench press (shoulder-width grip), 5 x 6-8, 4/0/1/0, 10 seconds rest
  • A2: 5 x 10-12, 3/0/3/0, 3 minutes rest, Ez-bar french press

The training videos are as follows: exercise A1, exercise A2.

Close grip bench presses will be superset with ez-bar french presses for this workout. This is a triceps program that is both basic and effective.

The tight grip bench press is a fantastic “meat and potatoes” workout that works both your triceps’ long and lateral heads. The ez-bar french press is unique in that it overloads the triceps’ long head and puts them under a deep loaded stretch. Back-to-back repetitions of these two workouts are a simple but efficient approach to encourage triceps growth.

You might want to try out another amazing origin-insertion superset routine. Take a look:

Routine #2: Triceps Origin-Insertion Superset

  • 5 x 6-8, 3/1/1/0, 10 seconds rest, A1: V-bar dips (upright torso), 5 x 6-8, 3/1/1/0, 10 seconds rest
  • A2: DB triceps extension at 60 degrees**, 5 x 10-12, 3/0/1/0, 3 minutes rest

**In the bottom position, perform 1.25 reps. Over the course of 3 seconds, lower the dumbbells to the lowest position, raise them a quarter of the way, drop them to the bottom position, and then lift them to the top position over the course of 1 second. Completing 10-12 reps every set counts as one rep.

The training videos are as follows: exercise A1, exercise A2.

This is another triceps superset routine that is both simple and effective.

According to research, v-bar dips are one of the most effective triceps exercises available. They recruit all three triceps heads, including the long, lateral, and medial heads, better than other “meat and potatoes” triceps workouts like the close grip bench press.

This is especially true if you execute your dips with an erect torso, which maintains triceps tension.

I know some of you are thinking that this routine isn’t complicated or has enough volume to drive growth. If that’s the case, you’re completely wrong! Most intermediate level bodybuilders who are striving to gain bigger triceps would benefit from this superset exercise.

If you’re a more skilled bodybuilder, you’ll probably require more exercises and volume every workout to achieve your goals. You might want to attempt this more advanced triceps superset workout. Take a look:

Routine #3: Triceps Origin-Insertion Superset

  • A1: 5 x 6, 3/0/1/0, 3 minutes rest, Watson triceps bar lying triceps extensions
  • B1: 4 x 6-9, 4/0/1/0, 10 seconds rest, bench press with chains and big gripz (shoulder-width grip).
  • B2: 4 x 6-9, 3/2/1/0, 2 minutes break, standing cable rope french press

The training videos are as follows: exercise A1, exercise B1, and exercise B2.

Charles Poliquin created this routine for one of his advanced bodybuilding clients. After your triceps have been pre-fatigued with a lying triceps extension exercise, this technique uses a post-exhaustion superset at the end of the routine.

This is an insanely effective approach to bulk up your triceps muscles.

This type of practice, in my opinion, works particularly well for folks who have trouble feeling their triceps work with compound pressing exercises. Your triceps are pre-fatigued by the lying triceps extensions, so they have to work much harder on the close grip bench presses.

If you have chains, I strongly advise you to utilize them on your close grip bench presses. The chains make the top portion of the exercise more difficult, putting more strain on your triceps than usual.

If your gym does not have chains, I strongly advise you to purchase some. I really like the pair of weightlifting chains supplied by “HappyBuy” — you can get a pair from Amazon by clicking right here.

While you’re at it, take a look at the following article on chain lifting:

I offer the finest tactics and strategies for employing chains to gain maximum muscle mass in that article. I enjoy Charles Poliquin’s advanced triceps program, but he’s not the only coach who knows how to put together a nice superset.

John Meadows, a bodybuilding coach, likes to use supersets into his triceps routines. Let’s have a look at a few examples of training regimens. Here’s a triceps program John did with Luke Carroll, an IFBB pro. Take a look:

Triceps Superset Routine #1 by John Meadows

  • A1: 4 × 5, 1/1/X/0, 2 minutes rest, pin press (shoulder-width grip)**
  • B1: Triceps pushdowns with dual rope cable, 3 x 8, 1/0/1/0, 10 seconds rest
  • B2: High-pulley cable triceps extension, 3 x 8, 1/0/1/0, 2 minutes rest
  • C1: DB triceps extension, dead stop, 3 x 8-10, 1/1/1/0, 2 minutes rest

**Pins should be placed 6-8 inches above the chest.

This workout’s training video is as follows:


This type of training is fantastic for developing big, muscular triceps. John wants you do a few strong sets of pin presses first. Pin presses are John’s favorite workout, preferring them to more traditional exercises like the close grip bench press.

Pin presses force you to concentrate on the top half of the bench press, which is where your triceps are put to the most effort. They’re also great for getting your triceps’ lateral head to recruit.

After your triceps have warmed up, John moves on to a great cable triceps superset. John has you doing superset dual rope cable pushdowns with triceps extensions from a high-pulley overhead cable rope. This superset, according to John, is a nasty approach to overload your triceps’ lengthy head.

Finally, John has you complete a few sets of dead stop dumbbell triceps extensions to complete the program. What a grueling triceps workout!

Don’t worry, John Meadows has created a full line of Granite Supplements to aid in your recovery from this grueling triceps superset workout. Make sure to use the discount code “RPD20” at checkout to save 10% on your total order!

Another of John’s favorite high-volume triceps superset routines is this one. Take a look:

Triceps Superset Routine #2 by John Meadows

  • A1: 4 sets of 12 reps of triceps pushdowns (spongey grips)
  • B1: Lying triceps extensions (behind head) using a football bar, 4 sets of 6 reps
  • B2: Bench press with a football bar (close grip), 4 sets of 6 reps**
  • C1: French press with a football bar, 4 sets of 10 reps****

**Do the lying triceps extensions with the same weight as the lying triceps extensions.

**** After your 10th rep, immediately stretch for 10 seconds in the bottom position of the french press.

This workout’s training video is as follows:


John includes a triceps superset in the middle of his exercise once again. Perform 6 reps on the lying triceps extension, then immediately perform 6 reps on the close grip bench press with the same weight as the lying triceps extension.

Because you’re supersetting a triceps isolation exercise with a compound pressing exercise, this is known as a pre-exhaust superset.

Post-exhaustion supersets, on average, will help you gain muscle mass faster than pre-exhaustion supersets, but pre-exhaustion supersets are still an excellent approach to exercise. Ronnie Coleman, the great bodybuilder, loved supersetting lying triceps extensions with close grip bench presses.

As you can see, there are a variety of approaches to build a triceps superset regimen with a high volume.

Let’s take a look at a triceps superset regimen with a moderate volume and high intensity. Charles Poliquin created this workout to increase triceps functional hypertrophy. Take a look:

Triceps Superset Routine With Eccentric Training by Charles Poliquin

  • A1: 5 x 4-6, 3/1/X/0, 10 seconds rest, low decline bench press (shoulder-width grip).
  • A2: 5 x 6-8, 4/0/X/0, 2 minutes rest, lying ez-bar extension (to forehead).
  • B1: Upright torso eccentric-only v-bar dips, 4 x 3, 8/0/1/0, 3 minutes res

**Begin in the top position and gradually lower yourself to the bottom position over the course of 8 seconds. Then, as soon as your feet touch the ground, rise up on the platform to help you get back up, and do your next eccentric-only rep. Rep for a total of four eccentric-only reps per set. The weight is too heavy if you can’t lower yourself with an 8-second pace on each rep.

The following are the workout videos: exercise A1, exercise A2, and exercise B1.

This routine is broken down into two parts. The decline close grip bench press and lying ez-bar extensions form an outstanding post-exhaustion superset in the early part of the workout. The second section of the workout is completely different: eccentric-only reps on V-bar dips will be performed.

You raise yourself to the top of the dipping platform and then slowly drop yourself back down over the course of 8-10 seconds. This method is performed three times every set for a total of three reps.

The triceps are a fast-twitch muscle that responds well to eccentric training regimes such as this one. According to Charles Poliquin, you won’t be able to slick back your hair for at least 5 days after completing this workout! 

The last several tricep superset workouts have been extremely difficult and beneficial. Let’s take it a step further and examine some of the most complex tricep superset routines ever devised!

Using three separate supersets in a single workout is one of the finest strategies to build a triceps superset plan. This is what I refer to as the “triple threat supersets” strategy. At the very least, it’s a better name for your fitness website than “Revolutionary Program Design!”

The first superset targets the triceps’ medial head, the second superset targets the triceps’ medial and lateral heads, the third superset targets the triceps’ lateral and long heads, and the fourth superset places the triceps in a deep loaded stretch. Take a look:

Routine for Triceps Triple Threat Supersets

1st Superset

  • A1: 3 x 8-10, 2/0/1/0, 10 seconds rest, decline DB extension
  • A2: 3 x 8-10, 2/0/2/0, 2 minutes rest, decline ez-bar extension (to forehead), 3 x 8-10, 2/0/2/0, 2 minutes rest

2nd Superset

  • B1: 3 x 10-12 hammer strength dips, 3/0/1/0, 10 seconds rest
  • B2: 3 × 10-12, 2/0/1/0, 2 minutes rest, PJR pullover

3rd Superset

  • C1: 3 x 12-15, 3/0/1/1, 10 seconds rest, cable rope overhead extension (high pulley)
  • 3 × 12-15, 2/2/1/0, 2 minutes rest, C2: Cable rope overhead extension (low pulley), 3 x 12-15, 2/2/1/0, 2 minutes rest

Here are the workout videos: exercise A1, exercise A2, exercise B1, exercise B2, exercise C1, exercise C2, exercise D1, exercise D2, exercise E1, exercise E2, exercise E2, exercise E3, exercise E4, exercise E5, exercise E6, exercise E7, exercise E8, exercise E9

This program consists of three sets of three separate supersets. For the triceps, you’ll do 18 hard sets in total. That’s a lot of content! Nothing will shock your muscles into growth if this routine doesn’t!

Last but not least, I’ve saved the finest for last! This is the program for you if you want to shock your triceps into growth with a huge high-volume triceps superset. This is what John Meadows refers to as his “super pump arm workout.”

There are four different supersets for your biceps and triceps. It also contains three different severe stretches to complete in between your biceps and triceps supersets. Take a look:

Mega Pump Arm Workout by John Meadows

1st Superset

  • A1: 3 × 10 reps of standing DB curls (supinated grip), no rest
  • A2: DB curl from a standing position (hammer grip) 3 x AMRAP** with a 30 second break
  • A3: 3 x 10 reps of standing cable pushdowns (pronated grip/D-handles), no rest
  • A4: 3 x AMRAP**, 30 seconds break, standing overhead cable extension (D-handles).

#1 Extreme Stretch

  • B1: 1 × 30 seconds unilateral bicep stretch (arm abducted), no rest
  • B2: 1 x 30 seconds unilateral tricep stretch (arm overhead), 30 seconds rest

2nd Superset

  • C1: 3 x 10, no rest, dual rope cable pushdown (elbows at sides).
  • 3 x AMRAP**, 30 seconds break, C2: Dual rope cable pushdown (elbows in front)
  • C3: 3 × 10*** Preacher ez-bar curls (broad / supinated grip), 30 seconds rest

#2 Extreme Stretch

  • D1: 45 seconds of unilateral bicep stretch (arm abducted), no rest
  • D2: 1 x 45 seconds of unilateral tricep stretch (arm above), 30 seconds rest

3rd Superset

  • E1: 3 × 10-12**** standing barbell curls, 30 seconds rest
  • E2: Dead-stop kettlebell extension while lying down, 3 x 15-20 seconds, 30 seconds rest

#3 Extreme Stretch

  • F1: 1 × 60 seconds unilateral bicep stretch (arm abducted), no rest
  • F2: 1 x 60 seconds unilateral tricep stretch (arm overhead), 30 seconds rest

4th Superset

  • G1: 2 × 10-15 pinwheel spider DB curls, 30 seconds rest
  • G2: 2 × 10-15 incline diamond push ups, 30 seconds rest

**With the same weight as the preceding exercise, perform as many reps as feasible.

***On the last rep, do a 10-second negative.

****After training to failure, do 5 partial repetitions in the bottom position.

This workout’s training video is as follows:


By include this superset routine in this article, I am cheating a little. Instead of doing two triceps movements in a row, some of these supersets have you do one triceps exercise followed by another biceps exercise. Only the first two supersets are actual triceps supersets, in which two triceps exercises are performed in succession.

Still, if you want to break through a triceps hypertrophy plateau with an ultra-high-volume triceps superset regimen, this is the routine for you. Just make sure your nutrition is in sync with your workout.

Consider utilizing a Granite Supplements intra-workout drink like “Recovery” to help you recover from this grueling workout if you want to show your support for John Meadows. You can save 10% on your complete order when you apply the coupon “RPD20” at checkout!


The Best Tricep Superset Routines For Mass!

One of the most successful bodybuilding training strategies ever devised is supersets. They’re fantastic for gaining bigger, stronger triceps.

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If you have the courage to try any of these exercises, you will be rewarded with some of the fastest arm growth you’ve ever experienced! So, what do you have to lose? Return to the gym and begin supersetting your way to bigger and stronger triceps!

Here’s another quote from the renowned Arnold Schwarzenegger to get you even more pumped up:

“Pumping and humping are the ideal activities for your health.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I wish you the best of luck in your strength-training endeavors!

Mike Jansen, M.D.

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m the originator of Revolutionary Program Design, and my name is Dr. Mike Jansen, PT, DPT. You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to achieve your size and strength goals quickly. My ambition is to create RPD the best strength training resource on the planet. So take a seat, sit back, and unwind. There has never been a better moment to lift weights or learn about the science and art of strength training program design.

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What should I superset my triceps with?

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What are the best tricep exercises for mass?

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