With the fitness industry booming, it’s no surprise that people of all fitness levels are trying to get better abs. One of the most popular methods for getting abs is to consistently add weight to the bar while lifting. While this method helps you to build muscle and will make you stronger, it can often get exhausting. With the right workout program, you can build your abs without adding weight to the bar.

Ever wanted to workout in the comfort of your own home? You would be amazed at what you see in the fitness world. You’ll be able to get abs, get shredded and get amazing sculpted muscles all while having a low calorie diet and being consistent with your workout. You’ll be able to eat foods you like, get a good sweat session in and get strong while gaining size. What you have been waiting for?

If you’re an aspiring, current, or just regular bodybuilder looking to build muscle, it’s important to remember that building muscle is a process, not a destination. Don’t be discouraged if the weight keeps coming off — keep pushing, stay consistent, and you will eventually see results.

When it comes to bulking, almost every hardgainer asks the same question: “How can I develop abs when bulking?” Maintaining abs during bulking may be difficult — you worked so hard to get 6-pack abs, and now you’re afraid they’ll go as soon as you gain weight.

Thankfully, it isn’t that easy, and you can maintain your abs while gaining weight. Bulking up doesn’t have to imply becoming fat – particularly if you follow the suggestions and concepts we’ll cover today.

You’ll discover how to maintain your abs while bulking up, as well as a few key lessons about your core and how weight growth can – and should – be done properly.

How can you develop abs that are visible?

The appearance of visible abs is the consequence of two main processes: bodyfat reduction and increased muscle growth and activity.

These often operate in opposition to one another, so it’s essential to understand how they work in order to have a better understanding of how to keep your abs while bulking up. There won’t be any hard science here, just some basic concepts. 

Get Lean

Getting slim is the first step toward having noticeable abs. In most instances, it’s the significant change that makes the most impact, which is why hardgainers who are tiny but lean may have noticeable abs without exercising.

Since it’s conceivable to be tiny and unhappy with the size of your core, this doesn’t speak to the strength or beauty of your abs. It’s essential to remember, however, since increasing weight usually means a greater bodyfat percentage.

This is why most individuals are worried about losing their abs when bulking: won’t I lose my abs if I gain weight and bodyfat?

It’s true that adding too much bodyfat is how you move from “having abs” to “not having abs,” and it’s this thought that frames the whole issue of how to maintain abs while bulking. However, things aren’t always that straightforward…

Get Big

Abs, like any other muscle, may develop with the right mix of exercise and rest (sleep and nutrition).

On the internet, there are two groups debating abs: those who believe abs are built in the kitchen and those who exercise abs every day. You don’t have to choose a group, fortunately, since larger and stronger abs are more apparent.

How do bodyfat and ab size balance out – and how essential are they both?

Your abs will show up at a certain percentage of bodyfat, but the strength and size of your abs will decide what percentage it is for you. There are those men with large, powerful cores who can plainly show their abs at 15-20 percent bodyfat, while the rest of us may need to drop to 10-12 percent.

You don’t have to work on your abs every day as long as you’re consistent and concentrate on complex exercises with postural core demands (like squats and deadlifts).

High-volume core exercises, such as those seen in sports like running, gymnastics, and wrestling, help to develop strong core muscles that show through more readily.

Get Involved

Muscles are only as apparent and active as their most recent movement, so keep that in mind. It’s easy to seem “soft” when we take time off from regular training, such as core isolation workouts.

The difference is in the muscular tone, which becomes apparent with frequent usage. The resting and active electrical levels of the muscle, as well as their readiness for short-term usage, are referred to as tone (1). Regular, effective exercise may help you improve the look and tone of your muscles.

This isn’t just about how large and powerful they are; it’s also about how frequently they’re used, and as a consequence, core muscle tone reflects the kind of life you lead. Regular exercise, activity, and physical mobility help to create a healthier and more attractive core.

Is it possible to have abs when bulking?

Yes, you can maintain or gain abs while bulking, to put it simply.

The caveat is that it all relies on where you’re beginning, how you’re going to bulk up, and how you’re going to exercise and eat.

Keeping abs when bulking requires patience and a careful balance of fat and muscle growth. On a bulk, when we’re trying to gain both weight and muscle, gaining fat is nearly always unavoidable – but how much?

Dirty bulks and other heavy bulking methods are likely to increase your bodyfat percentage and make it harder to notice your abs. Other kinds of bulk, however, are still accessible — even regular, balanced weight-gain phases will be great for your abs provided your other routines (training, diet, and recuperation) are in excellent shape.

Remember that bodyfat is distributed evenly across the body, thus a few pounds of fat in total won’t necessarily hide your abs.

A proper bulk should also develop significant core and ab thickness, highlighting your abs as you get larger and stronger. The following ideas will explain how to gain weight while maintaining abs.

Food: Maintaining Abs While Bulking Up

How you eat throughout your bulk will influence how much weight you acquire — and what that weight consists of.

The objective is to build as much muscle as possible while losing as little fat as possible, which is usually the goal of a bulk, but you don’t have the same “wiggle room” while attempting to keep your abs.

More fat accumulation is associated with a larger calorie surplus (the amount you consume in excess of your maintenance calorie requirements). To retain your abs, you should maintain a calorie surplus of about 300 per day, which means slower weight growth – less muscle building but also less fat accumulation.

Protein consumption is also linked to this fat-muscle growth balance. While a protein diet of 1-2g per kg of bodyweight is recommended in most cases, greater amounts have been proven to enhance muscle growth and decrease fat accumulation during weight gain.

Carbohydrates also aid muscle growth by enhancing muscle protein synthesis pathways and preserving energy availability.

Supplements may assist if you are unable to meet your caloric or macronutrient requirements via food alone. The following is a list of the top weight-gain supplements.

These are essential throughout the day, but particularly when it comes to getting stronger workouts – the key to triggering muscle development and portioning nutrition for recuperation and growth, especially at greater intensities.

Choose carbohydrates that are high in both quality and quantity. Wholegrains, beans, and pulses, which are nutrient-dense carb sources that offer long-term energy, are a wonderful location to start building a calorie surplus with high-quality meals.

For healthier carbohydrates and a better muscle-building diet, start with plant foods and nutrient-dense meals.

Abs Workouts While Bulking

Regular training with an emphasis on strength increases at relatively high intensities is required. When compared to lighter efforts, more demanding exercise is the signal for generating muscle development, both when gaining and reducing weight.

Another excellent method to assist the preservation of noticeable abs is to increase your training frequency. The capacity to develop new muscle and keep the core muscles engaged to maintain tone adds up. Regular training, such as heavy compound lifting and direct isolation exercises, promotes rectus abdominus muscle development (2). 

Make sure you combine them with other exercises like as side-bending and twisting, as well as hip hinging.

These are the key methods to keep abs strong and functional, so you’re not just gaining better-looking abs but also supporting greater performance and hip-spine health.

While you’re bulking up, do some heavyweight abs training to get stronger abs.

The greatest part about bulking up is how little time and recovery resources you have to devote to gaining strength. Gaining weight is ideal for the abs, as it enables you to have a thick, powerful, and functional core that looks and performs well.

1. Crunch in the opposite direction of the deadbug

These are excellent exercises for maintaining spine health, increasing ab strength, and reducing hip-core function asymmetries.

Slowly descend, pausing at the bottom, and continuing until your core is on fire. Simple.

2. Plank with 8 points

By extending the lever your core muscles are stabilizing, this is a far superior version of the standard plank. This is excellent for a variety of sports and heavy lifting applications where the core must remain tight against lengthy levers.

It also encourages you to work harder in the core rather than staying in the same posture for extended periods of time. You should move your knees and elbows farther apart or – ultimately – add weight if you can hold an 8-point for more than 20-30 seconds.

3. Plank with weights

Use weight to work your core and make each set difficult. Weighted planks are a fantastic method to add variety to your routine and increase core strength and hypertrophy.

It’s preferable to develop excess strength and volume by progressing things little slower than you might. 

Rollouts for the abs

Even if you have to start from your knees or with little banded support, they are a wonderful workout. They transmit the same lengthy core training that an 8-point plank provides, but in a manner that is more readily transferred to other exercises.

5. V-up with weights

V-ups are fantastic, and the weighted form will energise your core and help you develop strength against resistance. This is one of the greatest exercises for a fast core workout that can help you gain considerable ab power and bulk.

In 5 minutes, you can complete 3-4 sets to failure and leave the gym with enough of core strength stimulation. 

Grappler pull-ups, no. 6

These are a basic workout that adds a little additional challenge to your hip flexor and ab strength. They’re more of a finisher – more reps are fantastic – but they’ll fill out your core function so you don’t lose any essential hip or ab strength or control.

7. Back extensions that are paused

These aren’t technically core exercises, but they do make use of your core muscles as well as your lower back muscles. This is one of its most significant functions, and it provides a highly transportable type of core training that can be used in a variety of exercises.

The core effort here is mostly voluntary and stems from correctly engaging the core. Spend some time working on maintaining the front of your body taut while extending your hips and back.

While it becomes easier, increase the weight and maintain a tight pause when you’re parallel to the floor.

Other Factors Affecting Recovery:

How to Get Abs While Bulking in 2024

The better you control other recovery variables like sleep quality/quantity and stress levels, the better you’ll be able to get greater outcomes.

All of these mechanisms work together to enhance muscle protein signaling and decrease catabolic breakdown signaling. The goal is to achieve maximal muscular development, which requires you to connect these separate processes.

The more seriously you consider these variables that occur outside of training, the better. For example, greater sleep quality/quantity leads to higher levels of human growth hormone and lower levels of catabolic stress hormone, resulting in more muscle and strength while lowering the risk of converting your calorie excess into bodyfat (3).

Improving the quality and consistency of these other variables may enhance the quality of your bulk and decrease fat build-up on top of your abs significantly.

Maintaining healthy behaviors and decreasing the dominance of cortisol, as well as other (often androgenizing) variables that lead to fat-retention in the abdomen, are the only ways to target the abs.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

When you bulk up, do you lose your abs?

Not by itself – but bulking improperly or over an extended period of time could. Staying somewhat slim while developing ab muscle is crucial for your abs. These offer you two options for keeping your abs while bulking: bulking without adding too much fat and/or bulking while developing significant ab muscles. Both of these will improve your chances. When it comes to gaining weight, if you’re a thin man with abs, you generally don’t have much to worry about. However, if your abs aren’t visible when you begin bulking, they’ll be more difficult to maintain.

Is it possible to bulk and develop abs at the same time?

Ones who are already slim – even tiny guys – may bulk up and enhance the look of their abs. Gaining weight and devoting effort to developing stronger, larger, better abs may really make them pop if your restriction is having tiny abs but being very thin. 6-pack abs aren’t the goal of a bulk, but if you’re of average build, they’ll appear better towards the conclusion than at the beginning.

What bodyfat percentage do you need to see your abs?

While the typical guideline for males is approximately 12% bodyfat, this varies based on the sheer muscular mass of your abs. You may get away with a greater bodyfat percentage if your abs are stronger and bigger. This is because the sheer size determines the impression they create on the skin. If you have big abs, you don’t need to be as slim – particularly if they’re toned from frequent usage. Regardless, aim for the 12% mark and you’ll be able to see what you’re up against. You may alter expectations by a few percent if you’re especially weak or strong in the core.

Is it true that gaining weight gives you abs?

Most individuals won’t get abs only by gaining weight. This will only work for men who have tiny, weak abs and a low bodyfat percentage. These are few and far between, and it’s not a smart approach for the majority of individuals. Gaining weight, on the other hand, may be beneficial for developing abs before reducing down and becoming leaner. Bodybuilders use this cut-and-bulk technique to get significant size. Weight gain alone won’t give you abs, but a good mix of calorie surplus, appropriate macronutrient consumption, and smart exercise may help you retain abs during a bulk.


The process of gaining weight may put your abs at danger, but it all depends on how you manage it. We’ve already discussed how to bulk up, and the same concepts apply when it comes to abs (training abs on a bulk). 

The only difference is that you must be more rigorous; you must determine how much bodyfat growth is excessive. Whether you start to lose your abs when bulking, it’s a warning that you need to reconsider your training and nutrition to determine if your bulk is too ‘dirty.’

The two most effective strategies for keeping your abs are figuring out your out-of-training routines and being patient with the rate of weight growth. These are the methods for ensuring that your bulk is as muscle-rich as possible while limiting fat growth.

You’ll retain the hormonal health and muscle-protein signals you need to grow more cleanly and develop stronger, defined abs the whole time if you’re strict with your food and sleep – yet aggressive with the intensity of your abs exercise while bulking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get abs while bulking?

Yes! You can get abs while bulking if you are bulking correctly. Q: How much does it cost to get a six pack? Six packs in the United States do not cost much money. If you work out effectively for your goals, you can get a six pack

How do you get abs in 2024?

Working out and eating right to get abs is the same in 2024 as it is today. Hopefully by that time weve figured out how to grow an ab organically through stem cell research. Otherwise, youll have to keep working hard to get them. Q: Can you get a job in

How do I get a six pack while bulking?

Most people would not think of this, but it is fairly simple. You can do a lot of core and ab exercises while bulking. I would recommend you do more cardio than bulking. Q: How do I get a six pack? You need to do a lot of

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